What This Guy Does With Hubcaps And Other Junk By The Road...

What This Guy Does With Hubcaps And Other Junk By The Road Is BRILLIANT. Seriously, Wow.


Many people might contemplate hubcaps to become crap. The medial side of junkyards and the street are littered together. One-man, however, discovered a method that was brilliant to make use of this “crap” and change it into amazing pieces of art. He passes Hubcap Animals on Art, but he also offers a Facebook and website site. The absolute most amazing point about his statues is the fact that after they are completed, you are able to hardly tell what supplies he used-to create the metallic projects. Simply take a look on your own.

Hubcap Animals hasbeen operating like a skilled artist since 2001.

Hubcap Creatures has been working as a professional sculptor since 2001.

But he started dealing with that method and started accumulating hubcaps.

But he also started collecting hubcaps in 1997 and began working with that medium.

To just how to make use of a welder he trained herself…

He taught himself to how to use a mig welder...

And also the remainder is background.

And the rest is history.

Through the years, as he obtained various profits and completed more tasks, he became more gifted.

Over the years, as he finished more projects and received different commissions, he grew more talented.

Their artwork is much more elaborate and softer.

His art is smoother and more intricate.

It”s amazing to consider these animals started out as hubcaps.


You can purchase a number of his statues on his site.

You can buy some of his sculptures on his website.

Should you had a product such as this within your house…

If you had an item like this in your house...

It would not be forgotten by any one.

No one would forget it.

Origin: Hubcap Animals via Reddit in the event that you”re in purchasing some of his items interested, browse the Available portion of his site. We genuinely believe that this artwork is most distinctive and a few of the best we’ve ever noticed. By clicking below reveal these hubcap creations.