Malaysian Artist Shows Us The Benefits Of Playing With Your Food.

Malaysian Artist Shows Us The Benefits Of Playing With Your Food.


It”s poor to perform together with your food, you state? Shooter Hong Yi and artist would disagree. While you observe her function, you”ll end up asking that extended-held perception.

Yi (or “Reddish”) created a 31-evening food-centered task, making areas, pictures, and much more using only food. The guidelines were easy: the history needed to be an ordinary white dish, and also she just permitted himself to make use of food for that pictures. She captured it for offspring after producing the meals artwork.

Yi shooting among her projects.

Yi photographing one of her creations.

After graduating having a diploma in structure, Yi started making pictures of celebrities utilizing non traditional press. She subsequently branched from there. Within an appointment with designboom, she describes that she maintains himself impressed by attempting to “observe pleasure and enjoyment in regular, daily items which I run into, and also to paint and produce items when I experience and envision them, not only when I see them.” Besides understanding how to focus on a little size (in agreement to somebody by having an new history), she turned an excellent cook like a side-effect. “Ive discovered to piece, chop, mix, steam… Who’d have thought Identification require that to complete artwork!”

“I Came Across Four Puppies in my own Oreos!” Time 10, produced from Oreos.

Yi suggests it was really among the more tricky people to produce.

“Campbell”s Soup ” 11, produced from mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup and oyster sauce.


There’s, actually, no soup within this development.

” Squid Attack!” Day-12, produced from squid ink.

“Banksy on my Dish!” Time 13, produced from nori.

” Melting,” Day 14, produced from icecream that is melting place.

Yi has no lack of ideas.

Yi has no shortage of ideas.

This picture is created out-of cucumbers!

This pastoral scene is made out of cucumbers!

This owl that was pleasant is made of onions.

This cheerful owl is made from red onions.

That one was made for Valentine” and features tomatoes.

This one was created for Valentine

The berry used-to produce this really is, appropriately, a dragonfruit.

The fruit used to create this is, aptly, a dragonfruit.

Yi currently produced quite a bit of pictures, and also the task seems to be heading past its unique 31-time period. You are able to take a look at her are it exists at accounts and her Facebook, in addition to her facebook funnel to determine her for action.