Remember We Said Obama Joined Twitter? Well He Immediately Burned Bill Clinton

Remember We Said Obama Joined Twitter? Well He Immediately Burned Bill Clinton


President Obama registered Facebook, and he was prepared using the cracks

President Obama joined Twitter, and he was ready with the jokes

Craig Barak understands steps to make ’em laugh. He does therefore in his messages that are engaging, and it is usually killed by him in the annual House’ Supper.

then when Obama registered Facebook two nights before on @POTUS (Leader of America), despite having previously interacted using the method a great deal (another handle was employed for campaigning reasons, and periodically twetted in the @whitehouse consideration), I’d high expectations for many liveliness aside from the typical pictures at political rallies and occasions.

The very first twitter. We observe Barak performing as though somebody needed to provide authorization to him to complete anything, “ugh all of US possess some correct that is irritating employers am I?” Well-played, sir.

The first tweet. We see Obama acting as if someone had to give him permission to do something, "ugh we all have some annoying bosses am I right?" Well played, sir.

However anything incredible occurred. Bill Clinton got engaged after Michelle accepted him having an exercise video marketing her energetic lifestyle projects.



Should you’d like me to greatly help you place that together, Bill is requesting Obama if he’ll quit @POTUS for “a buddy” (aka his spouse, democratic nominee Hilary Clinton). 8/10 tweet, fairly intelligent, great utilization of related terminology.

However Obama replied, and that I wish Bill was organized with a few burn lotion

But then Obama responded, and I hope Bill was prepared with some burn cream

Barak allow Bill realize that it’ll visit the following Leader, and that he does not reach maintain the handle. If he understands anybody thinking about FLOTUS, aka Woman of America he then asks Statement. Bill will be the Guy, to ensure that is just a cutting although fairly delicate jab. 10/10 twitter.

Good work, @POTUS

Nice job, @POTUS

What’ll the Leader do? Strive his web jabs? Livetweet Sport of Thrones? To what is next from POTUS we are looking forward!