So, I Was Walking Down The Street When… Whoa! I Didn’t Expect...

So, I Was Walking Down The Street When… Whoa! I Didn’t Expect To See That.


Street-art rocks. I”m not talking about a vandal spray-painting genitals on the McDonald” s like that’s side. Nevertheless when an artist takes benefit of his environments that are metropolitan to produce artwork anybody may enjoy, nicely… it is appreciated by me.

Listed here are five legendary types of street-art completed really, very correct.

1. Drain situated Brazil, in Sao Paulo.

1. Storm drain located in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

2. Keyboard produced in Belgium from stones.

2. Keyboard made from bricks in Brussels, Belgium.

3. Removal…graffiti by Banksy.

3. Graffiti removal...graffiti by Banksy.

4. The structure of in Philadelphia Pisa.

4. The leaning tower of Pisa in Philadelphia.

5. Spiderman utilizing a break like an internet, situated in Germany.

5. Spiderman using a crack as a web, located in Germany.

6. Incredible piece by Summers.

6. Amazing piece by Michael Summers.

7. The ” man ” street-art. Place unknown.

7. The

8. Going in the railing.

8. Diving from the railing.

9. This really is named the “Keeping Palm” also it”s in Germany.

9. This is called the "Holding Hand" and it

10. Easy, however awesome and innovative. By Jenkins.

10. Simple, yet creative and cool. By Mark Jenkins.

As somebody whose artwork doesn”t move beyond showering a ketchup smiley-face on the hamburger a lot of, these are amazing.


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