This Might Look Like A Regular Old Book, But It Has An...

This Might Look Like A Regular Old Book, But It Has An Epic Secret


Whenever you observe somebody keeping a book within their hands, how will you realize that it”s really a guide? Certain, you’d small cause to doubt that it’s, actually, a guide…so far. You “ll never understand if somebody is currently transporting their new beloved book to they please or perhaps a desk/chair/ottoman. That”s correct. We are in possession of guide furniture. We possibly may not need hovercars, however, you need to acknowledge this really is not quite warm.

What’re you studying?

What are you reading?

Oh, Bookniture? How have you been loving it?

Oh, Bookniture, eh? How are you liking it?

That much?

That much?

Well, I will see why.

Well, I can see why.

It really appears like Furniture’s Truly Amazing American Lightweight Piece.

It certainly seems like The Great American Portable Piece of Furniture.

Check Bookniture for action out.

(via DesignTaxi)

Exactly What A good idea. Should you”n prefer to account the Kickstarter and help to make this item that is excellent a real possibility, head-over for their financing site.