These Adorable Mini Food Sculptures Look Good Enough To Eat.

These Adorable Mini Food Sculptures Look Good Enough To Eat.


It”s something to use your heart but this shop wishes your preferred food to be worn by one in your ears. Or possibly around your throat.

AppetEats produces these really small although really realistic variations of your preferred treats. Custom Jackie Chaves and proprietor employs each small tasty depth to be constructed by plastic clay with flawless precision. Even although you understand they”re not actual, it” s fairly attractive to have a flavor. Verify “em out.

Chocolate-chip cookie earrings

Chocolate chip cookie earrings

Burger earrings

Hamburger earrings

Cheese bracelets

Cheese charms

Pizza BFF ring

Pizza BFF necklace

Grape earrings

Avocado earrings

PB & amp ring.

PB & J necklace.

Range cupcake and dessert bracelets

Rainbow cupcake and cake necklaces

Strawberry appeal

Banana charm

Pizza earrings

Pizza earrings

S”mores ring


Taco earrings

Taco earrings

Egg and sausage earrings

Egg and bacon earrings

Bento box appeal

Bento box charm

You’ll find much more delicious looking over mementos on ” site, Etsy. You can make a request anything you”re hankering to use.