What I Just Discovered Underground In Europe Blew My Mind. I Cannot...

What I Just Discovered Underground In Europe Blew My Mind. I Cannot Believe This Exists… Wow.


The train in Sweden, is unlike every other city system-in the planet. Though various train programs throughout Europe often design their stops (such as the London metro, for instance), Stockholm”s metro program is apparently focused on getting fantastical artwork deeply underneath the town”s roads. The train system has 100 channels, with each end wearing a style that is different. Some display uncovered stone, yet others hardwood, but them all have something in keeping: they’re amazing.

Several channels function vibrant, colors.

Many stations feature bright, eye-popping colors.

It”s nearly a disgrace to depart each end.


the stone surfaces have been sculptures carved in to by others.

Others have statues carved into the rock walls.

Nearly every city end includes a concept.

Almost every metro stop has a theme.

And whether that concept relies in hardwood or stone, they’re all amazing.

And whether that theme is based in rock or tile, they are all incredible.

Should you”re actually when using the train caught in an end, don” fear, since you will be quickly given a little situation of Syndrome by the lively stop styles.

Source: visualnews.com

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