She Disappeared Without A Trace In 1976, And No One Knows Where...

She Disappeared Without A Trace In 1976, And No One Knows Where She Went


The planet usually panics while somebody disappears with no track. Sadly, as time continues individuals often ignore these instances. However for those people who are near to the missing-person, the research never stops.

One missing-person that many of the planet has unfortunately overlooked about is 18-year old Florida native “Cindy” Hernandez.

In July of 1976, the film The Omen had simply exposed in theaters and Hernandez (described below) desired to take a look.

He’d additional ideas, although she named her sweetheart to participate her. Then her closest friend, who likewise rejected her request was named by her. Not attempting to lose out on the summertime hit, Hernandez chose to begin to see the movie on her very own within the regional city of Azusa in the Monk Double Theatre.

She quit with time that was the full to sacrifice prior to the previews, which was the final moment anybody noticed her.

Hernandez’s parents discovered her white station truck left behind the theatre after she did not return house.

But there is anything peculiar about this. The vehicle have been supported in to the room, that will be something which Hernandez never did.

Authorities got up empty-handed and completely worked the situation. Inside a couple of months, the situation had not gone hot.

What exactly occurred to Hernandez?

The existing viewpoint concerning Hernandez’s destiny is the fact that she murdered and was kidnapped with a predator running in the region. By the full time body, it is possible that her assassin might have been convicted Trinidad Cortez, who’s presently helping a sentence in Oregon out. Throughout the -1970s, Cortez lived in California. He’d have now been significantly more than with the capacity of eliminating a simple 18-year old woman.

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That is simply unbelievably sad. I can not actually envision suffering and the discomfort that the parents of Hernandez needed to undergo when this occurred.