The 10 Times Taylor Swift Creeped on her Tumblr Fans

The 10 Times Taylor Swift Creeped on her Tumblr Fans


Should you really required any evidence that was additional that Taylorswift is just a kindred nature…

Taylor’s “Hi! I’m new!” second.

Taylor's "<a href="" target="_blank">Hi! I'm new</a>!" moment.

She verified she’s, actually, sneaking.

She confirmed she is, in fact, <a href="" target="_blank">creeping</a>.

She gets fall drop the way in which everybody gets.

She gets fall the way <a href="" target="_blank">everyone gets fall.</a>

Article while she noticed this…

When she saw this post...

She replied.

She responded.

She is accustomed enough with Mean Girls to understand not to react to a supplement with only “thanks.”

She's familiar enough with <em>Mean Girls</em> to know never to respond to a compliment with just "Thank you."

Significantly, you believe she’snot among us?

Seriously, you think she isn't one of us?

Oh feminism, woman assistance, tumblr is short-circuiting.

Oh gosh, feminism, lady support, tumblr is short circuiting.

She is truthful, and she ca n’t be faulted by also you .

She's honest, and you can't fault her for that.

It may not be impossible that she enjoys her followers significantly more than she is loved by them.

It might be possible that she loves her fans <a href="" target="_blank">more than they love her</a>.