Zayn Malik Breaks His Twitter Silence For The First Time Since March

Zayn Malik Breaks His Twitter Silence For The First Time Since March


While Zayn Malik introduced he left One Path, he shattered the minds of his followers all over the world.

When Zayn Malik announced that he was leaving One Direction, he broke the hearts of his fans around the world.

(we all know that one was phony… so chill.)

He is had his solo recording with Mischievous Child to an excellent hectic month documenting, and he debuted earlier this weekend to a shaved-head in the Asian Prizes.

He's had a super busy month recording his first <a href="" target="_blank">solo</a> album with Naughty Boy, and he debuted a shaved head this past weekend at the Asian Awards.

But he is were able to not remain fairly noisy on social networking. Apart from several retweets this twitter in March, expressed his love for his partner pursuing some ridiculous rumors.

But he's managed to stay pretty quiet on social media. Other than a few retweets, his last social media post was this tweet back in March, expressing his love for his girlfriend following some ridiculous cheating rumors.

Then this Mon by thanking his followers their support for all his stop shattered.

Then this Monday he broke his silence by thanking his fans for all of their support.

And included another twitter to explain any distress

And added another tweet to clarify any confusion

Thanks Zayn, for that love. We are in your corner.

Thanks for the love, Zayn. We're on your side.