See How A Meticulous Artist Turns Ordinary Rocks Into Beautiful Works Of...

See How A Meticulous Artist Turns Ordinary Rocks Into Beautiful Works Of Art


While many people take a look at stones on the floor, that”s all rocks are seen — by them. However possible is seen by Melinda Gaspar. Created in a little town to artist parents Gaspar was raised surrounded by character and artwork, therefore it was just organic that she acquired a paintbrush himself.

However it wasn” document and traditional canvases on her. Instead “s art bloomed about easy rocks present in nature’s areas. Utilizing a constant hand along with small brushes, she produces small projects about the rocks, pulling inspiration from conventional styles, pop-culture, character, and her very own creativity. ” I simply allow the comb proceed where it is brought by my creativity!” she claims.

Conventional mendhi patterns impressed these pictures.

These paintings were inspired by traditional mendhi designs.

Conventional Hungarian motifs will also be show striking floral designs, and a well known option in her function.

Traditional Hungarian motifs are also a popular choice in her work, and feature bold floral shapes.

Additional stones are decorated to appear like eggs…

Other rocks are painted to look like Easter eggs...

…or Even To have stylized pictures like these, in it.

...Or to have beautifully stylized images on them, like these.

Additional occasions, produces strikingly realistic pictures about the rocks and Gaspar requires a more practical path.

Other times, Gaspar takes a more realistic route and creates stunningly lifelike images on the stones.

She can make almost anything!

She can create just about anything!

Gaspar it has produced countless extremely comprehensive, colorful, and carefully decorated items on rocks, and is definitely an exceptionally productive artist. You can observe her focus on site and her site, where you are able to actually purchase a colored rock of your!

Several designers visit a large amount of potential in rocks that are basic. Observe what others came up with: