Some Guy Just Broke Into An Abandoned Holy Land. What He Found...

Some Guy Just Broke Into An Abandoned Holy Land. What He Found Is Just Creepy.


Person katarokkar that was Reddit recently visited with an 18- religious playground named Holy Land US in Ct. Initially built-in the 50s it contains a church, numerous Religious crosses also the playground shut towards the community in 1984, reproductions of villages and catacombs made of an entertainment of the Backyard of Eden and blocks.

He got these fairly weird and eerie images while searching the still significantly intact park. This location is full of an amazing, however dim, feeling. Particularly considering what occurred therein 2010…

The entry towards the Holy Land US that is now-abandoned.

The entrance to the now abandoned Holy Land USA.

John Greco, the creator, produced the appeal to reproduce Bethlehem.

The founder, John Baptist Greco, created the attraction to replicate Bethlehem and Jerusalem of the Biblical era.

Because its closing, Holy US has dropped right into a state-of disrepair that was advanced.

Since its closure, Holy Land USA has fallen into a state of advanced disrepair.

Even though it is close to the general public, the website proceeds to attract interest.

Although it is not open to the public, the site continues to attract attention.

Numerous efforts to displace it have failed.

Numerous attempts to restore it have failed.

During its maximum decades within 1970s and the 1960s, Holy US attracted upwards 000 visitors, of 40 .

During its peak years in the 1960s and 1970s, Holy Land USA attracted upwards of 40,000 visitors annually.

This 56- sign was the park’s decoration.

This 56-foot sign was the centerpiece of the park.

One of the sights in the website were an entertainment of Eden’s Backyard, a diorama showing Daniel within the ” den, and different pursuits of ministry and the life span of Jesus.

Among the attractions at the site were a recreation of the Garden of Eden, a diorama depicting Daniel in the lions

However in September of 2010, an extremely black change was taken by this playground.

But in July of 2010, this park took a very dark turn.

A-16 year-old woman killed and was raped…

A 16 year old girl was raped and murdered...

In the cross’ base.

At the foot of a cross.

This introduced the playground that was previous back to the highlight.

This brought the former park back into the spotlight.

But nowadays, it nevertheless remains totally forgotten.

But today, it still remains completely abandoned.

Concerning the potential of the home, there’s been lots of dialogue because the homicide. Lots of people wish to protect it as folk-art, others wish to recover it, after which several likewise think it ought to be destroyed.


This location is intriguing, equally when it had been now and available… For reasons that are different. Discuss it with others below.